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United Processing opened in 1990. At UPI we strive to provide the ultimate servicing of all our clients by providing the highest professional performance to the legal profession in the most expedient and diligent manner.

We serve businesses as well with background checks and asset checks to assist them with making the best hiring decisions.

Our services are a great asset to insurance companies by providing investigations into possible perpetrators of insurance fraud

Our services extend to the general public in many areas such as investigation in divorce proceedings and skip tracing of relatives and friends with whom they have lost contact.

How utilizing investigation services are saving businesses millions of dollars annually.

When a  wide variety of Companies, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and the private sector have utilized a skilled private investigator their accomplishments are rewarded with repeat business and many referrals. When local, state and federal law enforcement is unwilling or unable to help the Private Investigator steps in to accomplish client goals.

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Legal services can be provided for both civil and criminal cases and governed by State and Federal courts.

Investigation services are tantamount to making the best hiring decisions. Businesses also utilize UPI for a number of filings. Insurance companies for fraud investigations.

United Processing, Inc is just a phone call away 1-800-604-3373 or we can be contacted by email through a quick contact form to provide you with answers to any questions you might have about our services. Rest assured you will receive a prompt response to any inquiry.

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Why a PI?

Advantages of using investigator services for companies, attorneys and individuals.

Individuals often require UPI services in the area of skip tracing family members and friends with whom they have lost contact. The need for investigation often arises in divorce proceedings as well.