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Compliance: In the support services industry, ethical and legal responsibilities are first and foremost. United remains current with all legal and federal requirements while maintaining a strict code of ethics for all United team members.

As technology and cyber security play an integral role in our industry, United implements a range of policies and procedures to protect and maintain your data. United utilizes cutting-edge technology that focuses on SSL security and data encryption, management and integrity, while also continuing to adapt to the ever-changing technological climate.

United is an active participant in a number of organizations in order to stay informed of all regulatory changes. United also has strict policies in effect regarding document destruction and management encompassed in our code of ethics. United is proud of our affiliation with the BBB and maintain an A+ Rating.

Disclaimer:  We are Illinois Process Servers. We are not attorneys. We are not licensed to practice law in this state and may not accept fees for legal advice. As an Illinois Process Server we will advise you in Illinois Service of Process, Process Serving and we maintain the current knowledge of all regulatory changes throughout the entire United States and adhere to each state Service of Process regulations.