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What is an Asset Check?

Only a qualified licensed private investigator has the ability to delve deep into a persons or companies background to discover past fraudulent acts, hidden assets and ultimate trustworthiness. The information obtained can be utilized prior to doing business with a company or to collect on bad debts. The investigator will do a financial background check utilizing methods that are only available to their licensing or the legal professionals. This may be through computer or at times will also include surveillance. Only qualified professionals can find out about prior fraudulent activities and fictitious business names. You will know in advance if you should do business with the company or if you are owed a debt whether or not it is collectible.

Why an Asset Check?

Finding hidden or undeclared assets can be crucial to an attempt to collect through the court system. If collectible assets are not available you will be wasting your money in an attempt to collect. If the assets are undeclared or hidden, your attempt to collect through the court system may also be in vain if you are not prepared with the evidence to prove those assets. If an individual or company owes you money it is to your best interest to know what you will actually be able to collect before beginning the collection process. You can find out also if others are also attempting to collect from the same debtor. Millions of dollars are lost annually to those who go through the court system without such preparation. If you are about to invest or do business with a company it is best to know in advance how secure your investment will be.

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